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Maui dolphins.
Maui dolphins are a mammal that lives in nz waters.
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What do maui dolphins eat?
Maui dolphins like to enjoy their meals of fish, squid, flatfish and cod. Maui dolphins find their fish and squid at midwater and on the floor they get flatfish and cod.

How big are maui dolphins?
Maui dolphins can grow to an average size females being 1.7 metres or more and males being smaller as a size of 1.4 metres in length.

How many maui dolphins are left?
Fishermen also catch and kill dolphins because they believe they eat too many fish and so the slaughter is a form of pest control. And five maui dolphins get killed each year. 40 years ago there was 1,800.

How long do maui dolphins live for?
They only live up to 20 years. This is a short lifespan compared to other dolphins and whales.
Why are the Maui dolphins endangered?
Maui dolphins are endangered because of the Japanese coming to New Zealand uninvited to kill Maui dolphins and whales.

Is the maui dolphin big or small?
Maui dolphins are the smallest dolphins in the world with the hector dolphins. Females grow to 1.7 m long in length.

How heavy are the Maui dolphins?
Maui dolphins are only weigh a small weight of 50kg!

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This is my diorama about Maui Dolphins

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