Cha Cha

The cha cha at originates from Cuba The capital of Spain and It is an island
It was invented in 1950

is the name of a Latin American music and dance, of Cuban origin. It is dance music introduced by Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrín in 1953. The rhythm was developed from a previous dance, the danzón, by a split fourth beat. The name is derived from the shuffling of the dancers

Photo of where cuba is..

   Hip Hop
Hip hop originates from New York city
Hip Hop was invented 1970 in a African American country                            
Here is a photo of new york city

Cha Cha people.

D.J Casper
Bryan Watson
Eddie Torres
D.R.A.M. Dram was born in Germany and raised in Hampton Virginia U.S. Hes name is Shelley :Marshaun Massenburg-Smith Herman Brood:

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