Moment in Time Writing

I turn on the tv and see “Breaking News” - “Boulders cracking on Lagoon.”Is that a place? In New Zealand at the bottom of the misty cool place on Stewart Island.
I can see the boulder cracking on the beach. There are millions of cracks on the egg as more and more eggs drop on the beach. The first egg keeps changing colour as I get closer to the boulder. I see a green light coming from  the boulder. I crept closer to the glowing egg” I think I can see the oozing of the egg it is green then it turns purple.

I can hear the crashing of the waves on the sand and the clicking of  the rocks that are on the beach. It is hard to hear the noise the  egg  is making. BANG it smashes into a hundreds of piece of rock.

I can smell the salty sea water in the air. As I breathe in the salty air, YUCK!, I find it hard to breathe with the disgusting smell.
I can feel the soggy and squishy seaweed under my feet as I walk further and further into the water.  As the rocks descends into the water I walk in closer to them.

I can taste the salty sea water from then spray coming off the waves. I stand in the water. As  the water smashes against my feet from the moving waves the sand quickly disappears from under my feet.

The boulder crash sighting is over know as I walk back home back to my miserable life.
By Jack  

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